Best Quality Polymer Blended with Technology:

Tarpaulin sheets from Maa Durga Engineering Works are manufactured by sophisticated manufacturing process with best quality polymers that are imported from different parts of the world, and made by the most advanced, latest and world-class Technology with Production Process that includes Multilayer Blown – Cross Cut/ Spiral Slitting -Cross Lamination – LD/TD Starching – Multidirectional Compression and Isotopically Aligned with Advanced Technology and unique polymer formulation.

Great Endurance for Extreme Conditions:

Maa Durga tarpaulins are processed to perform even in the worst and extreme environmental conditions too. Our tarpaulins are timelessly engineered with enough endurance to put on the application areas where high Strength, wear, tear and puncture resistance properties are required. Our Tarpaulins offer un-comparable properties. These heavy-duty tarpaulins are endured enough.

Superior Quality Check Process:

At Maa Durga, QC or quality check process is one of the most important parts of the whole production process. The whole quality check process is done by the world-class equipment separately so that our valued customers get only the best products that are tested and trusted. The quality check process is done under the super surveillance of the best of the skilled manpower in the whole industry and that too with the help of world-class Modern Technology.

Worldclass Equipment and Technology:

At Maa Durga, the best and state-of-the-art equipment is used to produce the best tarpaulins and other polyethene products that have already set the benchmark for the whole industry. The latest business class technologies and equipment have always been our area of core supremacy. The aforementioned world-class equipment and cutting-edge technology have always been our core power  that has propelled us not only to reach the top of the industry but to endure as the preeminent manufacturer of tarpaulins too.